Midweek Review: A Survival Guide for Life

Midweek Review


This post is apart of a series of reviews that will appear on Wednesdays. This review is apart of a blog tour with several other blogs.

I recently did a review on Mud, Sweat, and Tears by Bear Grylls. I really enjoyed the book so I was more than happy to give a review of Bear’s newest release when I was asked to participate in the blog tour from TLC Book Tours. tlc tour host

Bear’s newest work is A Survival Guide for Life and was released July 2, 2013.A Survival Guide for Life  Unlike Mud, Sweat, and Tears this is a self-help book. The tagline for the book is how to achieve your goals, thrive in adversity, and grow in character. The chapters of the book are only two or three pages on average and offer several nuggets of wisdom. The book has 75 chapters and the pages seem to turn quickly. What sets this book apart from most self-help books is that the information given is sequential. It begins with finding a goal for yourself, then building on the items you’ll need to make it happen and the mindset you need each day to reach it. Bear does an amazing job of not just regurgitating the same tired advice you can find other books. He ties it in with his own experiences and personal stories. And when you’ve lived a life like his, you definitely have some stories to tell.

Bear also does an amazing job of incorporating his faith into the book. He uses versus from the Bible where they are applicable to help drive his point further. A good example is in chapter 16: Worry Worries, where Bear says the follow:

“So where you can, drop the worries. Jesus talked about this, and this was a guy who had some serious reasons to worry. After all, he was about to be tortured to death on a cross, bearing the pain and burden of every bad deed and thought ever done by mankind. Now that is a proper-sized weight to carry! But yet he still said: ‘Cast your burdens on to me, for I care for you.’ That verse is a good thing to remember, and it has helped me so many times to over come some pretty big worries.”

As soon as I read this page I stopped and posted a picture of it on Instagram. It was refreshing to see a world-wide celebrity profess Jesus’s name in something more than an award speech. This source of inspiration combined with Bear’s other personal accounts make for some amazing motivation.

This all being said I have two points of criticism for the book. The first being I wish I would have read it as a daily read and not something I read at leisure, like I do most books. The chapters here are great, but require some time to process each and apply it to your life. I would read one or two chapters then just want to stop before I moved on to the next. It may sound a little corny but I really wanted to “reflect” on what I was reading. That doesn’t happen much for me and I’ve read a ton of self-help books on leadership, faith, and motivation.

My only other criticism is not one for the author but directed toward potential readers. I know a lot of people may not read this book BECAUSE of the author. They will look at the cover and think, “Isn’t that the crazy guy who eats bugs and drinks his own pee?” They’ll pass it up. It’s sad that many who could really use this book won’t consider the content it has because of the face on the cover.

It’s this reason I wanted to emphasize again how great this book really is. It is an amazing tool for motivation and growth. I will recommend this book to anyone I meet.

If you don’t follow Bear, you need to. Follow on Twitter, Like his Facebook page or visit his website.

See the full blog tour schedule here. Thanks again to TLC Book Tours for the amazing opportunity!


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5 responses to “Midweek Review: A Survival Guide for Life

  1. Mark Schultz

    good review, hope to pick it up before to long.

  2. I’m glad to see how much you enjoyed this book. Thanks for being on the tour! I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.

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